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I’ll continue this week by summing up my intial work with Unity 3D and talk about what lies on the horizon for the coming weeks.

Unity 3D

So, as you know I’ve been working with Unity 3D for the last couple of weeks now, getting to know the engine and its functions better. The physics game that I am working on is coming along and has advanced further in its development. I’ve changed the players interaction from placing objects to actually manipulating the ones that are already on the playfield. As of now the player can rotate the triangles on the playfield to help get the ragdoll all the way to goal.


The physics game so far. Work in progress.


All in all, I have liked working with the very easy-to-use Unity 3D game engine and will continue to do so in the future. Although, there will be a break from this work in the coming weeks as I develop my programming skills.

Coming up

For the next ten weeks I will be attending two classes at Blekinge Institute of Technology which focus on object oriented programming using the language C++. For a long time I’ve been wanting to get more experience in the field of programming to make it easier to realize more advanced game play ideas, and also to be able to ¬†fully utilize game engines like Unity 3D with all of its programming power.


Jakob Lindh

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