May-June 2010

In Studiebesöket the player takes the role of the 15-year-old girl Emma, who reluctantly finds herself on a field trip at the Museum of Myths in the town of Ljungby, Sweden, together with her school class.

When she is forced to crawl through a scary tunnel at the museum, something happens. She is magically teleported to a lost time in the land of myths and fairytales.

In this strange and unknown place Emma must gain knowledge about the old myths and fairytales, as well as about the creatures who inhabit the ancient land. She will have to stand face to face with her own distrust and doubts to finally be able to find out the truth about why she has been brought to this place, and how to get home again.

This game was created during a five-week production-course at Blekinge Institute of Technology in May-June 2010. Besides me (Game Design & Additional Scripting), there were four others involved in the project: Micael Karlén (Lead Programming & Lead Scripting), Kunal Luthra (2D-Graphics & Additional 3D-modelling), Rasmus Björk (Lead 3D-modelling), and Kristoffer Beijer (Sound & Music).



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