Hold The Line!

December 2009

In this First Person Shooter, it’s your job as a lonely soldier in a trench during a raging war, to hold the line against the encrouching enemy panzer battalion for as long as possible. The only thing to keep you company is your trusted rocket launcher and the occassional friendly airstrikes. Now you’d better hold that line soldier! That’s an order!

Hold The Line! was a one-week project by me (Game Design and Scripting) and Filip Angélison (Graphic Design) at Blekinge Institute of Technology in the beginning of December 2009. The idea behind the game was to create a 3D-Shooter that would be very easy to learn and play, but at the same time somewhat addictive so that the player would come back to beat the old highscore over and over again. The plan was also to bring the old 2D-kind shooters into 3D and see what kind of affects it would have on game play with the addition of another dimension.


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