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Weekly Update!

Saturday, November 12th, 2011


A lot of things to do and little time to do them in, and since my last update there have been quite a lot going on.


As I mentioned before, me and co-worker Max Nilsson from 2 Hour Lunch Studios attended Gamex to show Sjörök last weekend. We were there together with a couple of other newly started game development studios, under the wings of Innovativa Blekinge, which help new creative ideas come to life. The other studios that were there were: 12 O’clock Studios, Forgotten Key, Coastalbyte, 2Play Studios, and game developer Tobias Kärrman.

Gamex was a great experience, and my first time at a game exhibition. It was very rewarding to recieve feedback from players who tried out Sjörök, but also to talk to other game development studios and schools, and to see their work. Conversation is always good and great things can come of it, and sharing ideas and thoughts is a way to evolve the game media.

Innovativa Blekinge's booth

Innovativa Blekinge's booth at Gamex.

Check out 2 Hour Lunch Studios’ Facebook page for some more pictures from Gamex.

Interview with 2 Hour Lunch Studios

The swedish gaming site Skillpoint has posted an interview with us at 2 Hour Lunch Studios, mainly about our work with Sjörök. Be sure to check it out here. (It is entirely in swedish)


The second programming course in C++ at Blekinge Institute of Technology started this week, and there was not a moment to waste. We have started out with class inheritance and are also using Haaf’s Game Engine (2D) from now on to create our games. Our task this week was to create a simple 2D shooter, and next week we will be moving on with polymorphism.


Jakob Lindh

Weekly Update

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Hi again guys!

As promised, I am returning this weekend with a short update on what things I’m currently working on. So lets get started!


This first thing is an adventure game that me and six other developers are currently working on. It is called Sjörök.

Sjörök  is a first person experience and entirely in swedish. It takes place in a fictitious 19th century swedish archipelago, long since abondoned by the inhabitants who once lived there.  Through puzzle solving and exploration, the player will find out what happened in this mystical and sometimes quite psychedelic environment, with its abandoned islands and misty waters.

The game will be released shortly, but in the meanwhile feel free to look at some beautiful screenshots or listen to bits of the soundtrack over at Sjörök’s Facebook page. You can also find a bit more information there, but it is all in swedish.

Unity 3D

My work in school this semester is amongst other things going to involve a deeper dive into the Unity 3D game engine. The versatility and accessability of the engine has made it my choice for game development in the foreseeable future, and I am just now learning the ropes of it. In my next weekly update I will share with you some of my experiences with the engine so far, so stay tuned!


Jakob Lindh