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Closure of fall 2011 and continued work in spring 2012

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while now so I thought that I would sum up the last thing I worked on during fall 2011, as well as bring everyone up to speed about what I am currently working on right now. So without further ado, lets get going.

Small game project in Unity 3D – Fall 2011

The last thing I did in 2011 was to practically apply my previous programming skills in C++ by using  Unity 3D. I did this by plunging deeper into Unity 3D and its programming aspects by developing a small game in the engine. Though there are differences between programming in C++ and C# (which is one of the possible programming languages to use in Unity 3D), and also some specific tricks for programming in Unity 3D, a lot of what I learned during the courses in C++ could be applied in Unity 3D since both C++ and C# are object-oriented programming languages. An interesting thing is that I continuously throughout the development process of my game used the process of iteration to constantly keep it simple and working, adding features as I went along. This kind of approach is something I have talked about before and it worked really well for me. Try it out if you haven’t.

The game that I made turned out to be a management game which is very easy to digest. It’s called Log’n’Hog and as the player, it is your job to cut down, chop up, and deliver a small forrest to the saw mill by using different vehicles for the different tasks. The main idea of the game was to make it easy to understand and to get into with the simple mechanics of being able to change vehicle and only use the mouse for steering. You can check out a development video of the game below.

Bachelor Thesis – Spring 2012

Before rounding this post off, I thought that I would talk a bit about my bachelor thesis that I am currently working on together with fellow game design student Måns Billing. In short, it will focus on mythic structure in the narrative of  digital games, mainly by using the theories of Joseph Campbell and his work The Hero with a Thousand Faces, as well as Christopher Vogler and his work The Writers Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers. Both of these writers are concerned with something called the Monomyth (also known as The Hero’s Journey), which is a theory about how certain patterns in stories and myths constantly reappear throughout history. These patterns can be also be identified in modern litterature, as well as in movies and digital games. What we will do in our thesis, is to focus on how this theory appears or has been put to use in digital games, and how it can be used. Next time I will be back with more details concerning this thesis, which is our final work at the Digital Games program at Blekinge Institute of Technology before we graduate.

Until next time.


Jakob Lindh