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Weekly Update

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011


The past week have been spent with getting to know C++ and its basic functionalities. At the course I’m taking, we have covered initial concepts such as datatypes and expressions, conditional programming and looping e.t.c. And this week we are moving on with arrays and functions. As the course continues we will be covering more advanced topics like classes and pointers. Programming is really exciting, and once you get into it it is a great deal of fun!

I think it is of great value to all game designers to have at least a basic understanding of programming. It will not only allow you to design and implement more interesting and effective systems and game mechanics, but it also lets you communicate at another level with the programmers of your team, and allow for a faster and more efficient workflow. This probably goes for all other areas of game development as well. Having a little knowledge of other fields than your own, regardless of your own position, be it game designer, programmer, graphical artist, sound designer e.t.c, goes along way.


Jakob Lindh