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Weekly Update!

Monday, October 24th, 2011


There has been a lot going on since my last update which is the reason for this one being a tad late, but lets go!

The programming course I am taking is moving along and we have now covered arrays and functions, as well as basic class functionality. This week we are covering pointers, and we have also just started doing small one-week game projects with two to three students in each project. Me and two other students are working on a turn based management game which will be playable in the windows console. In the game you control and build a small town and help it prosper over several years.

That was a little about what is happening in the programming course. Another very exciting thing that has happened is that the trading company of which I am one of seven part owners, has released its first game! Sjörök is the name of the game, and the company’s name is 2 Hour Lunch Studios. You can grab the game for free over at our website and also find more information there. Enjoy!


Jakob Lindh